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Schocolat was founded in the Spring of 2007 by the legendary chocolatiers Susie Johnson and Damian Browne. Susie and Damian had a vision of bringing a European taste for chocolate to Leavenworth. For over ten years Susie and Damian brought their exquisite handmade chocolates to the residents and tourists of the town. In 2017 Leavenworth local, Charissa DeMoss, began her apprenticeship under Susie.

Charissa and her husband, Andrew DeMoss, took the shop's reigns in January 2018. Charissa and Andrew remain committed to bringing fresh, delicious handmade chocolates to the customers of Schocolat. They strive to bring their passion for chocolate and hospitality to each and every customer's Schocolat experience. Schocolat’s chocolates are based on the traditional Belgian style of truffles and bon-bons, but its spirit is wholly Leavenworth.

The shop revels in the emotions evoked by this beautiful mountain town and its community minded citizens. We hope you stop by the shop on your next journey to Leavenworth, we look forward to meeting you!


Andrew DeMoss


Charissa DeMoss